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Acknowledge,Educate, Advocate, Accept > hate, ❤️Always & Never Stop Honest Debate.

Above may I present Abby Cadabby and Yours-truly‘s formula for starting the much needed debate over ravial privledge, bias , segregation and inequities. While using my own personal story as the fodder that sparks a much larger discussion - sometimes in life a wise lady said

to an jndignant 22 yr old version of me “Honey, in order to make any real change in life you better get comfortsnle

witj being uncomfortabl!”. Neezless to say it’s taken a decade before I jahe acknowledged she may have been right ( this is that moment of acknowledgement, #sorryleah). So this is just ine of many but today I give a little advice on who I think knows what’s up witj the what’s up if you want to head down this road of enlightenment with me and then you will hear my favorite furry friend , my muppet doppelgänger: the lovely Abby Cadabby whole Sesame

Street Gang and the brilliant folks at CNN for a town hall where we get right to business and open up this discussion with a bang! To close , for today let’s forget

toasting to wealth and success and let’s channel all of today’s wishes for a tomorrow filled with so much more

good than we had today and even more the next and before you know it , being a a society who simply does good fot others won’t have to be wished for or addressed but rather it shall just be who are. A nobel idea indeed isn’t it? Sou much time we would all have on our hands if we all pitched in and channeled all of our hate towards loving and helping each other. It sounds like a lovely , happy land that I believe I’ve been to before...atleast in a song.So here’s to that day and cotten candy wishes and bubblegum dreams.

forever and always and every day in between,

your friends ,

xx L & (Abby)


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