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Social & Emotional Learning , A mind+heart Resource ❤️ for K-2

Why mind+heart?

The beginning of the school year is such an important time to start teaching social and emotional skills. Teaching these early will help set a positive tone in your classroom for the rest of the year. Kids will begin to feel a part of the classroom community, have a stronger sense of self, and be better prepared to handle the challenges that they face throughout the year.

The mind+heart SEL back to school resource and activities will support kids as they learn to be positive members of the classroom community, develop self-awareness, build new relationships, and act with kindness and empathy.

The mind+heart SEL back to school resource includes a variety of thought provoking discussion topics, community building ideas, and engaging activities to help build and maintain important social and emotional skills. Children will have many opportunities to learn, practice, and develop through a variety of activities as they start the school year.

Teachers are provided with a scope and sequence, topic layout, photos in action, and detailed instructions for teaching and using the activities and materials.

The mind+heart social and emotional learning resources were designed to help teachers instruct children to develop social and emotional well-being. The ultimate goal is for them to develop a healthy sense of self, positive peer relationships, and a respectful understanding of the world, that will lead them to success and happiness throughout their lives.

Mind + Heart SEL – Back to School Resource Scope + Sequence

Week 1

Community Building

Week 2

All About Me

Week 3


Week 4

Empathy & Kindness

Suggestions on How to Use:

• There are 5+ activities for each weekly theme.

• I suggest teaching 1 lesson per day. Lessons are presented in a

recommended order but may be taught in any order you see

necessary for your needs.

• There are differentiated materials included. Please choose what

fits best with your students’ abilities and needs.

• Each lesson will take approximately 30-60 minutes.

• The 4 themes will take approximately 4-6 weeks to teach.

• Additional posters are provided as an extra activity (to color)

or can be used as classroom décor (colored posters).

Community Building Activities

Start building classroom community on day one with these lessons and activities. They encourage respect for one another, forming connections, and appreciation for others and their differences.

Quote Poster

Anchor Chart Idea

Classroom Contract

Ice Breaker Games

Book & Writing Activity

Class Book Activity

Role-Play Scenarios

mind+heart SOCIAL EMOTION LEARNING Back to School Resource for K-2 by

All About Me Activities

Get to know each other better and help children feel more comfortable in the classroom with these lessons, activities, and routines that encourage understanding, confidence to grow, and identities to form.

Quote Poster

Get to Know Me Cards

Book & Goal Writing

Star of the Week Class Book & Hat

Banner Pennant

“Me” Box parent letter & template

Photo Self-Portraits & Writing

Welcome Banner

mind+heart SOCIAL EMOTION LEARNING Back to School Resource for K-2 by

Relationship Activities

Begin to build friendships and relationships in the classroom through lessons and activities that permit children to focus on learning and getting to know one another and the teachers, while thriving in the new classroom environment.

Quote Poster


Friendship Wreath

Friendship BINGO

‘A Good Friend’ Anchor Chart & Writing

Book & How-To Writing

Interview with a Friend

‘Find a Friend’ Scavenger Hunt

mind+heart SOCIAL EMOTION LEARNING Back to School Resource for K-2 by

Empathy & Kindness Activities

Empathy and kindness are particularly significant topics to start teaching children about at the start of school. These lessons and activities will guide kids to act with kindness and compassion when interacting throughout the day.

Board Game

Book & Writing Activity

Quote Poster

Role-Play Scenarios

Kindness Calendars & Awards

‘Wrinkled Heart’ Lesson

mind+heart SOCIAL EMOTION LEARNING Back to School Resource for K-2 by

ACTIVITY #4 – “All About Us” Class Book


For members of the class to get to know classmates better and the things they have in common through reading the class book.


• Printable template for kids to complete • Laminator

• Cover page for the class book • Binding machine


1. As a class, sit together and brainstorm ideas for the various sections of the template (descriptive words, favorites).

2. Show the template they are to complete and give directions on how to fill out. Kids either draw and/or write in the open sections, and write on the lines about themselves.

3. Color and decorate their page.

Putting the Book Together

1. Glue each page onto construction paper or laminate.

2. Print a cover page on colored cardstock (glue onto construction paper

or laminate).

3. Put the pages in order and attach. Staple together, hole punch and

attach with ribbon, or hole punch and bind together.

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janice Harrington Knopf
janice Harrington Knopf
03 окт. 2020 г.

Wow! Thanks for all these ideas. Creating a community in a Virtual classroom seems daunting but your ideas make it sound like it can be done wykids able to build real friendships not just virtual ones! Thanks!

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