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Team Sports: The Secrets Behind a “Winning” School Year

Though you don’t spend the day in your child’s classroom ( although at this moment it may feel like you do), you’re an important part of it. A strong home-school connection sets the stage for school success. Parents and teachers are key players on kids’ learning teams!

Talking with your child’s teacher is a great opportunity to build this partnership and to help your child learn, grow, and thrive in the classroom learning environment.


Talking openly will help you and your child’s teacher become year-long teammates. Consider asking:

* What are your goals for my child?

* What skills do you expect kids to learn throughout the year?

* How would you describe your teaching style?

* What can I do at home to help my child in school and how can I support her school success?

* What’s the best way to get in touch with you?


There are some facts that only you may be able to provide! Your child’s teacher will be better able to create a great classroom experience if he or she knows:

* Your child’s special strengths and talents

* What interests and motivates her

* Challenges he’s facing or ways in which he’s struggling

* Whether you speak another language at home (bilingualism is great for kids’ learning experience)

* Scheduling or logistical challenges you may face at home (such as issues with morning schedules)

* ...and family stories that can give your child’s teacher insights into your family’s culture.


* Check your child’s backpack, cubby, notes posted in the classroom, and the teacher’s website for information, updates, and notices for events.

* Consider joining a school parent group, and make connections with other families in your child’s class.

* Talk with your child about what she is doing in school. Extend the learning by visiting places in the community (such as libraries and museums).

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