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What does it mean to be a true "friend?

Talk with your child(ren) about the qualities that they look for in a friend. Ask questions like these:

*How did you decide on those qualities? 

*What do you usually do to make a new friend? 

*What advice would you give a classmate who is having a hard time making friends?

*Would you want to be your friend? Why or why not?

*What qualities do you have to offer to someone that might make you a good-fit friend?

To enrich the discussion, have students trace their hands onto a paper, left on one side, right on the other. On the right hand, have them write five strengths that they bring to a friendship. On the other hand, have them write five areas for growth, things that they could do better in their friendships.

If you don't have access to paper-pen supplies, partners can put their hands together as if they're giving a high-five and take the Five Finger Friendship Challenge aloud.

Finally, check out these resources for additional friendship tips:

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